Marko Novinec, PhD (PI). Marko obtained his diploma at UL FCCT in 2004. He did his PhD research at the Jozef Stefan Institute and obtained his PhD degree in Biomedicine at UL Medical Faculty in 2008. He was a postdoc in the lab of Antonio Baici at the University of Zurich (2009-10) and then returned to UL FCCT. He obtained his assistant professorship in 2013 and associate professorship in 2018. He is a member of program group “Advanced organic synthesis and catalysis” led by Prof. Jurij Svete .

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Ana Obaha (PhD student). Ana joined the group as a bachelor student of Biochemistry in 2018. She obtained her bachelor degree in 2019 and afterwards her masters’ degree in Biochemistry in 2021. She is now aiming to produce oligomeric variants of monomeric cysteine peptidases.

Milena Stojkovska (PhD student). Milena obtained her bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry at the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (North Macedonia) in 2017. She joined the group as a masters’ student of Biochemistry in 2018 and obtained her masters’ degree in 2021. Her current goal is to engineer cooperativity into DPPI.

Dr. Nejc Petek (postdoc). Nejc obtained his PhD in Chemical Sciences at UL FCCT in 2021. He is an expert in organic chemistry and currently works jointly on project COOPERATE and the program group “Advanced organic synthesis and catalysis” led by Prof. Jurij Svete. He is developing protocols for regulated chemical cross-linking of proteins.

Liza Ulčakar (researcher). Liza joined the group as a bachelor student of Biochemistry in 2019. She obtained her bachelor degree in 2020 and her masters’ degree in 2022. She is developing tools for the detection of protein homo-oligomerization in vivo.


Jaka Kos – since 2017
Nika Mikulič Vernik – since 2021 (BSc student 2019-20)
Mladen Davidovikj – since 2022
Michelle Oletič – since 2022
Karmen Mlinar – since 2022


Miha Razdevšek – since 2022
Tinkara Butara – since 2022
Gaja Starc – since 2022
Zala Perko – since 2021
Rahela Repina – since 2021


Dr. Tjaša Goričan – PhD Student 2016-22
Dr. Mateja Rebernik – PhD Student 2012-19
Milica Janković – MSc student 2020-22
Primož Bembič– MSc student 2019-22 (BSc student 2017-18)
Nives Ražnjević – MSc student 2018-22
Erik Putar – BSc student 2021-22
Timotej Sotošek – BSc student 2021-22
Nastja Feguš – BSc student 2020-21
Nina Varda – BSc student 2020-21
Sonja Gabrijelčič – BSc student 2019-21
Blaž Lebar – MSc student 2017-20
Ana Cirnski – MSc student 2016-19
Urban Hribar – BSc student 2018-19
Tina Turel – BSc student 2018-19
Vanna Imširović – MSc student 2016-18

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