We are located at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Chair of Biochemistry.

We investigate the molecular basis of life with focus on the structure, function and evolution of enzymes and their regulation by small molecules and macromolecules.

Our current research areas include regulation of proteolytic enzymes by orthosteric and allosteric modifiers, molecular mechanisms of allosteric communication in papain-like peptidases, and more.


Mateja successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations and all the best at your new job!

Mateja’s paper “Interplay between tetrameric structure, enzymatic activity and allosteric regulation of human dipeptidyl-peptidase I” was just accepted for publication in Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. The online version is available here.

Mateja’s paper “The catalytic domain of cathepsin C (dipeptidyl-peptidase I) alone is a fully functional endoprotease” will appear in press. Congratulations!
The online version is available here.

Group website launched!

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